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CCB Season : It's On


The first official ride of the season is on May 2 at the traditional Kirkland Colisée/Cineplex starting point.

New members may only join the Touring or Recreational ride if they have already attended a clinic.

In order to comply with COVID-19 guidelines, to help form groups quickly and to minimize lingering in the parking lot, please pre-register for the ride. Before registering, be sure to look at the planned route and note its distance. During the ride registration procedure, place that distance after your first name as demonstrated at the Opening Meeting.  If you missed the Opening Meeting, view the slides here and look at slides 30-34.  While you're at it, make sure you either print the route or download it to a device, the Group Leaders are only for new members.

In the short term, all of our routes will remain on Quebec roads (many of us love the smooth roads in Eastern Ontario, we'll be back on them when the restrictions are lifted).

The Tuesday/Thursday evening rides are on hold both because of the curfew and because of parking lot constraints.

I want to emphasize how it is very important to comply to both the grouping and mask-wearing guidelines laid out by Public Health.  The CCB Executive has specified how this would apply to a typical group ride, please read this on our website.  It may seem like a long set of rules, but it is really only the application of simple rules (wear a mask when you are not riding, stay with your own group of 8 or less, keep 2m apart). I'm confident that these rules will loosen in the future, but until that happens, follow them.

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