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Club Cycliste Beaconsfield  PO Box 40503 Kirkland PO, Kirkland, QC H9H 5G8

Club Overview:

We are a volunteer run organization for serious recreational road cyclists who are interested in riding in a safe and social setting.  We organize local evening rides, weekend rides as well as day trips (drive and cycles) to nearby locales such as Tremblant, Vermont and New York. 

We also offer riding clinics, repair clinics, cycling weekends, group leader rides and various social activities.  The aim is to get members involved in both the cycling and the social aspects of the club so that they may connect to each other based on their skill level and interests.

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Finding a group to ride with is extremely beneficial in order to encourage each other to participate.  The rides start off with moderate distances and increase throughout the season so it’s suggested to show up often, especially the early season rides in order to make the most of the club.

Registration for the current season ends April 30, as all new members must attend one outdoor clinic before mid-May in order to learn how to safely ride in a group with the club.

Sunday Rides from the Colisée Kirkland and the 201:

The Sunday morning ride is the club's most popular cycling activity.  The large number of cyclists ensures that everyone may find a group that will ride at a speed suited to their ability.  The distance covered ranges from 60 to 100 km.  The departure point alternates between the Cinema Cineplex Kirkland in Kirkland and from Route 201 (at Autoroute 40) in Rigaud.

Saturday Informal Rides :

The Club has informal rides scheduled on Saturday mornings during the season. The starting point is in the West Island. Cyclists form groups of various average speeds and/or distances and decide on where to go. It is an occasion to ride with people that you don’t know or to meet your regular riding partners. This is a great opportunity to get ready for the official Sunday ride or just another way to add to your riding objective.

Tuesday and Thursday Night Rides:

The Club has a tradition of riding during the week on Tuesday and Thursday nights. These rides are informal. They start from the Macdonald Campus in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue at either 6:00 or 6:30 pm depending on the sunset. Cyclists showing up form groups of various speeds and/or destinations. Rides go off island in various directions such as île Perrot, Les Cèdres or Hudson. As a bonus, a few of these rides finish with snacks offered by the Club, a great occasion to socialize with other members. There is no better way for a cyclist to finish a day than riding with friends during the sunset!

Drive and Cycle:

A Drive and Cycle (D&C) is an opportunity to load up your bike and drive outside the city and start a ride on a pre-determined route away from heavy traffic, stop signs, lights, potholes, construction zones and orange cones! These ‘D&Cs’ typically start on Saturday mornings between 9:00am – 10:00am from locations in upstate New York, Vermont or in a rural setting near the Ontario border. There are at least two and sometimes three distances available with two or three speed groups as well, allowing riders to choose how fast and how far they will ride. Some riders will also make arrangements to car pool and drive in with their bikes from the city together. Stops are made at general stores / depanneurs along the route. These are ‘no drop’ rides and riders with flats or other mechanical problems are helped by other riders in the group. The routes for the D&Cs are planned in order to provide CCBers the opportunity to ride nice roads with minimal traffic and inspiring scenery while still getting everybody home on the same day. For many riders, the D&Cs are the highlights of the summer riding schedule!

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Group Leader Program:

The Group Leader program is available on Sunday rides from the beginning of the season until June. The purpose of the Group Leader program is to help new members integrate into the club, to assist new and returning members in finding speed groups they are comfortable riding with, to coach new members on how we ride and on safe group riding techniques.

Weekends Away:

When you attend the CCB Weekend getaways you get the opportunity to enjoy time with friends and fellow members doing what you enjoy, riding your bike. Cyclists of all levels attend and so rides are organized with different route options.   We usually get good weather, great riding and delicious meals. A perfect CCB weekend getaway.

Weekends Away Video


The CCB isn’t just about cycling.  Riders that play together stay together! Each season brings rides that often end with food and refreshment, whether it be for brunch or a picnic after a morning ride; or with snacks after an evening ride.  Cycling weekends away add to the fun and all is brought to a great close at the annual closing party that celebrates the end of a year of great riding!


To ensure all cyclists’ safety, new members must participate in a “new members’ clinic”. During this mandatory clinic, volunteers cover bike handling skills, group riding theory and group practice. Various clinics are also offered in early season to new and returning members to improve their cycling skills.


Volunteering is an essential aspect of he CCB. The club relies on its members to volunteer through varying roles to help plan, organize and run the club. Volunteers are also essential in helping to integrate our new members. And volunteering is always a great way to meet fellow members who share the same passion as you!

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