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Upcoming Tues/Thurs/Sat informal rides

Welcome to Club Cycliste Beaconsfield. Our club is geared towards serious recreational road cyclists who like to ride several times a week and enjoy cycling in a peloton.

You can learn more about the club (such as the different types of rides on different days of the week) in this article and from the FAQ section of this website.

Privacy Settings

You can control what is published in the Club membership Directory by adjusting your privacy settings here

How to cancel a reservation

To learn how to cancel a reservation, follow this link here

Reflector Laws

To become familiar with the new laws for lights and reflectors required on your bike, follow this link here

Special Events

Volunteers Needed

Watch for the upcoming Laggan social event (July 28)

Thank you Julie Ann Comeau for proposing a lunch at Cora after the Laggan ride. We have scheduled!

Thank you Rick Taraby for setting such a successful social event at Beau's last Sunday.

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