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Welcome to Club Cycliste Beaconsfield. Our club is geared towards recreational road cyclists who like to ride several times a week and enjoy cycling in a peloton.

This year we a pleased to announce a new category of rider for our club. Most of our members are part of the Touring Membership but for those wishing to ride shorter distances at a slower pace (less than 24 kph), there is a new category Recreational Membership. These rides will be a maximum of 60 km distance as opposed to our traditional rides which sometimes exceed 100 km as the season progresses. This is offered Sundays only and members who are capable, are free to move between the two categories of rides. Since these rides are shorter, they will often not have the same starting point.

You can learn more about the club (such as the different types of rides on different days of the week) in this article and from the FAQ section of this website. Check out our video too.

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