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Welcome to Club Cycliste Beaconsfield. Our club is geared towards serious recreational road cyclists who like to ride several times a week and enjoy cycling in a peloton.

You can learn more about the club in this article and from the FAQ section of this website.

Click and read the 2019 CCB Rides and Activities.pdf brochure to learn what we have planned for you this season.

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How to cancel a reservation

To learn how to cancel a reservation, follow this link here

Special Events

Latest news

CCB is now looking for a Social Director for a one year mandate.  Please communicate with the CCB Vice-President if you are interested.

Registration for the 2019 cycling season is now open. Welcome ALL!

You can order your CCB jersey/shorts/bib here

President's message

Registration for the 2019 CCB Cycling Season is now open. Looking forward to riding with you all again this year. The CCB Exec team

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