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Well the weather is not collaborating this year again... forcing us to take a second look at our plan for the week-end... This give us a good occasion to update you on a few topics: Last minute ride announcement, new Group speeds, GL and Ambassador’s role

Last minute Ride announcement:

Weather (or other unexpected last-minute condition) may require rides to be cancelled and or be unsupported by the club.  Members who are registered to the ride event will receive an email, at least 2 hours before the ride occurs (Sunday only to start the season), non-registered members may want to check CCB’s Facebook page or CCB’ Upcoming Event page (main web page)

Group speed categories:

We have made some changes to the group speed categories to better align with our members disclosed speed level and remove the previous overlapping of speed level.  See the new categories with membership spread:

Group leaders:

The clinic was a success with more than 30 volunteers present.  Thank you all and Sandy for making it a success.  There are now two categories of group leaders: formal and informal

-     Formal: Group A and B with priority given to new members. New members and GL register for each ride, names are share and peloton are formed in the parking for those two categories with riders’ present. We encourage returning members to join new members up to GL capacity. GL in each group will be encouraged to provide feedback on rides and challenges, if any, have occurred. Same will apply for new members via periodic surveys

-      Informal: GL are chosen in the parking lot for Group C-D with the responsibility to insure all goes well but no registration as GL is necessary.

Ambassadors: It’s a new role that will assume by Exec members (Sunday rides)

The role of the ambassador is to circulate the parking lot, meeting with new members, answering questions, making new members feel comfortable and directing the person to the right group speed category, when required.

Club Cycliste Beaconsfield  PO Box 40503 Kirkland PO, Kirkland, QC H9H 5G8

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