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Welcome to the new 2018 Beaconsfield Cycling Club season!

... which starts with your registration or renewal as a CCB club member.

You may have noticed that the registration procedure is a little different from last year. Your Executive committee has decided to change CCB's web platform to simplify and improve registrations and your user experience as a member.
You will notice some of the benefits of this platform during the year.Some are:

  • Your membership card is now digital, and it will no longer be necessary to put a sticker on your helmet.  Also, we now accept only electronic payments  (using PayPal, which also accepts credit cards), thus facilitating the financial management of the Club.
  • As for previous years, safety remains one of the main priorities of  CCB. You will have noticed that we now require acceptance / recognition of risks and responsibilities when you register as a member. We still require the participation of new members in cycling clinics to ensure the safety of everyone.
  • Registration for club rides/events will now be easier. It will enable you to know in advance who will participate in the events (Sunday rides, Saturday rides, clinics, and others).
  • This year, we plan to link more social activities to bike ride groups (e.g. occasional Pub visit..). Please note that few, if any of these activities will be funded by the club. More details to follow during the season.
  • We will enhance new members support this year to ensure they have the best experience with the club. Share this with your friends. In addition, the group leader program for new members will be longer this year and will be limited to groups 20-23, 23-25 ​​km / h
  • We are continuing to use RideWithGPS as a basis for our cycling routes.  It offers the ability to view all of the day's routes superimposed on the map, to help you decide which one is for you.  Just follow our Calendar links to get to RideWithGPS.
  • You will notice that the old forums on the club site are now closed and moved to social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Links to them are provided on our website. We invite you to register and be active on these sites. CCB will be limiting email as much as possible.
  • … And that's not all. Your Executive committee is working hard to make the 2018 cycling season memorable and safe for all. We look forward to seeing you all again at the opening of the season on April 6th, 2018.

Francois Durocher
President Beaconsfield Cycling Club
and your CCB management team

Club Cycliste Beaconsfield  PO Box 40503 Kirkland PO, Kirkland, QC H9H 5G8

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