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CCB Registration opens Feb 1 / L'inscription au CCB débute le 1er février

Even though this must be the coldest weekend so far this winter, I hope all CCB members are able to enjoy some outdoor (or indoor) activities this season to keep ourselves  strong and healthy. 

There are many topics to be covered in this email:

  • Registration is opening Feb 1
  • We are still looking for some jersey and logo recommendations for CCB's 50th anniversary  in 2022 (check the above photo for current /previous jerseys)
  • 2021 Ride calendar
  • Introduction of a new CCB riding group (Recreational) in 2021

Registration opens Feb 1

CCB registration for 2021 is opening on Monday February 1st for renewals and new  members. 

As was done for renewals in  previous years, first login to our website and you should see a renewal box pop up. Follow the link  to your membership profile, which will have a Renewal button.  Click on it and fill in the required information. New members will join through the Join Us web page.

Note that all 2020 paid members are given a free 2021 membership. New 2021 and former  members who did not renew in 2020 will pay the $ 50.00 annual fee.

Please note that the free renewal for 2020 members expires on March 31st. After that, renewal for 2020 members requires the standard $ 50.00 membership payment.

 Jersey Time

Here is a message from Sue, our Social Director, who is in charge of our 2022 Jersey and Logo design:

The end of the month draws near and with that - we are now working on the design of our new 50th Anniversary Jersey 1972-2022, which will be available in 2022:

Who remembers the colorful CCB jerseys of years past? Have another look at the photo in this email.

If you wish to join the Jersey Committee and help craft our new look or if you simply wish to give an opinion or a recommendation, now is the time to send me an email to

Looking forward to your input.

Ride Calendar

Our website shows our tentative 2021 ride schedule for formal  Sunday and Wednesday rides. Feel free to browse through them.  Please note that just like in 2020, CCB will  hold  organized club rides only if the government/health department  permits us to do so.

CCB Recreational Group

CCB is introducing something new in 2021. On Sundays, in addition to our traditional Touring rides, we will also be offering organized Recreational rides to those who enjoy a slower pace and a shorter distance (20-24 km/h and under 60km).  Find out more about this group on the CCB home page and our FAQ.

During your re-registration you will be asked what your choice will be : traditional CCB Touring or the new Recreational group or both or neither (neither because you are not a Sunday rider) so that we can get a feeling of how many will participate

In closing, the CCB executive is looking forward to having us ride together again as a club both this summer and also in 2022 during our 50th Anniversary Season.


Club Cycliste Beaconsfield  PO Box 40503 Kirkland PO, Kirkland, QC H9H 5G8

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